New curriculums at RU and TU/e

Starting the academic year 2021/2022, TU/e and RU will offer separate master specialisations in Cyber Security and no new students will be admitted to the joint TRU/e master. Students already enrolled in the TRU/e master can complete their existing master, but there may be some changes that affect them. In any case, the new curriculums will offer additional options, for instance because there will be new courses that may be taken as electivs. Students may also choose to switch to the new curriculum. The precise rules for this will depend on the official exam regualtions at your `home' university.

As always in these cases when curriculums change we do our best to make things as smooth as possible. The exam regulations will provide plenty of leeway to let you design your study programme to suit your own preference, and the examination boards may allow you even more leeway on an ad-hoc basis, as the transition to the new curriculums should of course not adversely affect existing students.