Optional Courses

Name Codes Univ. Lecturer ECTS Q
Law in Cyberspace NWI-IMC006, 2IRU35 RU Hildebrandt 6 1+2
Hacker's Hut 2IMS20 TU/e Etalle 5 2
Cryptographic Protocols 2DMI00 TU/e Schoenmakers 5 3
Hardware Security NWI-IMC001, 2IRU10 RU Poll, Batina 6 3+4
Privacy Seminar (RU) NWI-I00136, 2IRU30 RU Hoepman 6 3+4
Cryptographic Engineering NWI-IMC039, 2IRU40 RU Batina, Schwabe 6 3+4
Seminar IST (TU/e) 2IMS00 TU/e Skoric, Zannone 5 4
Physical Aspects of Digital Security 2IMS10 TU/e Skoric 5 5
Applied Cryptography 2DMI10 TU/e Hülsing, Niederhagen 5 2 or 6

For students who did the Bachelor track in Cyber Security at the Radboud University prior to the TRU/e Master: the TU/e course 'Hacker's Hut' has a large overlap with the RU courses 'Hacking in C' and 'Web Security' (IPC025 and IPC026, formerly called Software and Web Security 1 and 2), so you should not take 'Hacker's Hut' if you have done these last two courses as part of your Bachelor.